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Altech’s CERENERGY battery project boosts output to 120 MWh per year

Altech Batteries Limited (ASX:ATC and FRA:A3Y), in collaboration with lead engineering company Leadec and joint venture partner Fraunhofer, has successfully boosted the output capacity of its CERENERGY® battery project from 100 MWh to an impressive 120 MWh per annum, marking a significant 20% increase. This enhancement was achieved through technical design optimisation, without incurring any additional capital costs.

The CERENERGY® project has garnered attention for its innovative approach to energy storage, with a particular focus on GridPacks – an advanced battery storage solution. This latest upgrade ensures an annual output of 120 1MWh GridPacks, demonstrating Altech’s commitment to providing sustainable and efficient energy solutions.

One of the key features of the CERENERGY® project is its ability to triple-stack GridPacks with a simple electrical connection, allowing for a small footprint that conserves valuable land area. Additionally, GridPacks require minimal maintenance, making them an attractive choice for long-term energy storage.

Group Managing Director Iggy Tan spoke about the successful upgrade, stating, “From the beginning, we recognised a considerable margin built into the different equipment designs. Initially, our approach to facility design was quite conservative. However, as we’ve progressed in finalising the overall equipment operations, it has become evident that we possess the capability to increase our production rate.”

Tan also emphasised that the upgrade was achieved without any additional capital costs, highlighting the efficiency and optimisation of the project. The company is currently in the final stages of the DFS (Detailed Feasibility Study), where they are meticulously reviewing all cost factors, including operating consumables and purchased items.

The CERENERGY® battery project represents a significant step forward in the field of energy storage and renewable energy solutions. With the increased annual output of 120 MWh, Altech is poised to make a substantial impact in meeting the growing global demand for reliable and sustainable energy storage solutions.

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