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Beetaloo Basin Webinar Special

In an effort to delve deeper into the evolving development of the world-class unconventional gas resource situated in the Beetaloo Sub-basin in Australia’s Northern Territory, a special webinar was hosted by Finance News Network and ShareCafe. This event to provided valuable insights into the potential of the Beetaloo Basin and its significance on both a regional and global scale.

The Beetaloo Basin, often referred to as a hidden treasure trove of natural resources, has been a subject of increasing interest in recent years. The upcoming webinar will feature discussions with key stakeholders in the Basin, ranging from representatives of the Northern Territory Government, the Gas Taskforce, exploration and development companies, to infrastructure providers.

Speakers include:

Nicole Manison – Deputy Chief Minister NT: As one of the leading figures in the Northern Territory Government, Nicole Mansion will shed light on the government’s perspective regarding the development of the Beetaloo Basin and its role in the region’s economic growth.

Alister Trier – Chairman of the Gas Task Force NT: Alister Trier’s expertise as the Chairman of the Gas Task Force NT will provide invaluable insights into the regulatory framework and strategies aimed at responsible resource development.

Richard Close – Corporate Connect Senior Analyst: With an extensive background in energy markets, Richard Close will provide an analytical perspective on the Beetaloo Basin’s potential impact on the energy sector and financial markets.

Darren Rogers – Group Executive Energy Solutions at APA Group: Darren Rogers will discuss the vital role of infrastructure development in unlocking the Beetaloo Basin’s potential, ensuring that the resources can be effectively transported to markets.

Alex Underwood – CEO Empire Energy: As the CEO of Empire Energy, Alex Underwood will share his company’s vision and strategies for exploration and development in the Beetaloo Basin.

Joel Riddle – CEO Tamboran Resources: Joel Riddle’s insights will provide an understanding of Tamboran Resources’ involvement in the Beetaloo Basin and their commitment to sustainable development.

Scott Crabtree – VP for Sustainability at Tamboran Resources: Sustainability is a key concern in resource development, and Scott Crabtree will elaborate on Tamboran Resources’ sustainability initiatives in the Beetaloo Basin.

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